I am a Software Engineer, creating web-based applications mainly using PHP / MySQL / HTML / Javascript and CSS. Mostly I work for one company, but I also do web design and applications on a contract basis for anyone who commissions me to build them.

In August 2008 we moved to the NSW South Coast, and spent some years there until we moved to the Riverina area of NSW in September 2011. As of September 2012 we are living in a farmhouse which is good as we don’t really like living in towns. I have a wife and 3 kids (sometimes called the Winds of Strife), 1 cars (an almost-4×4), no pets (although my youngest child had a goldfish called redneck, and my oldest child had mice for a while until something ate the heads off them)… And some days the house is surrounded by up to 100 sheep.

I am a Christian with a growing interest in Hebrew thought and language. My other main interests being cycling, railways (including model railways), photography, camping, hiking, travelling, web programming.

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