Strike 2?

I feel like I am playing a game of baseball with my fitness / health being the prize. In November it was a haematoma, which made it impossible to exercise for a few weeks. And then on Sunday 11th December I started experiencing a sharp pain in my left hip every time I tried and move that leg. Here’s how it came about…

On the 7th December I went for a 10km kickbike ride, then the next day, I went for a run – not a long run, just 4km. I didn’t notice any problems immediately. That evening I went for a 3km walk. Still, no apparent poblems. The next day I had some muscle soreness – delayaed pain from the run, thought I. That evening I went for a 16km Kickbike ride. The muscles were still sore before I started. But on the very first kick I noticed a sharp stabbing-like pain in my left hip that felt very different to the muscle soreness. I endured for the 16km, somehow, and then tried to stretch the muscles a bit to relax them after the ride just in case that was the problem, although at the time it seemed unlikely. Sabbath, still some soreness in the hip and muscles but I wasn’t doing anything energetic that day so it didn’t matter. And I thought the day of rest would do my muscles good.

Sunday morning I planned to do a 20 or so km ride on he kickbike, thinking that the hip was better. But again, on the very first kick I noticed that sharp pain in the hip. I thought “maybe once I have warmed up the pain will dissappear or diminish”. Alas, no. I cut that ride short – about 6km in total – and spent the rest of Sunday either laying or sitting on a couch or bed. Oh, it all seems so familiar – strike 2!

So once again, for the second tiume in the last 30 days, I found myself unable to exercise. And asking “why”. Was it the run? The walk? The Kickbike ride/s? A combination of the above? Is the kickbiking too much me? Am I overtraining? And to all those questions the answer was basically the same  – “I dunno”. One thing I do know is that I am getting fed up with this sort of thing happening.

I was thinking the Kickbike would be the answer to keeping fit and minimising of the possibility of a haematoma coming back. For the latter it seemed like the asnwer. But now I am wondering whether the kickbike requires too much for me to be able to use effectively. A good muscle and cardio workout it is, but it also needs fairly good flexibility and good range of movement to really get a good workout on it. Until this hip soreness started happening I was mentally geared up to purchase a Kickbike for myself. But now I’m not so sure it’s a good idea!

On 14th December, after I had experienced enough pain(!), I went to a Chiropractor for the first time in my life and after the Chiropractor had “adjusted” me the hip felt a bit better. One thing that did come out of that session is that I sometimes don’t seem to be stretching the correct muscles after a ride or run as the Chiropractor found some of the upper leg muscles were rather tight. So she gave me some stretches to do specifically to one set of muscles which has also made some difference to my mobility. And each day since then the hip has been feeling less saore, although somewhat stiff.

So to shorten a story that might have otherwise been much longer, this morning I went for the first bike ride (on a standard bicycle) in almost a month. Nothing strenuous, really, just a nice gentle ride around the block, giving the legs, joints and muscles a chance to get mobiled. And the good news is that there weren’t any problems as a result of the ride – actually my hip felt much better after the ride, and there was no soreness where the heamatoma occured nearly a month ago. So I am going to try the standard bike agin as my main exercise element, although it will take some time to get back to the pre-November 18th fitness level. But it’s a start. Srike 2? Maybe not.

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