In the backyard

I was enjoying the ambience of Autumn in the backyard this morning, enjoying the vista of sown fields verdant with green shoots and I came across these flowers…

These first 2 photos are of Banksias (I think) Grevilleas.


Banksia Grevillea


Banksia Grevillea

At the other end of the backyard I found this flower, taken from 2 different angles.

Purple Flower

Purple Flower

Purple Flower

Purple Flower

All 4 photos were shot with a Fujifilm FinePix S1600 digital with the most powerful macros setting (there are only 2 to choose from).

5 thoughts on “In the backyard

  1. Just looked up Google images and definitely grevillea. There are pics of banksia on Google images too. If you look them up you will see what I mean.

    • Hi Mum. Thanks for that. I thought they might have been banksia because they had a similar structure to the banksias we saw when we lived at Nowra, but you were able to identify them positively whereas I wasn’t sure..

  2. G’day James, At last I managed to get on to the blog! Yes Mum is right it is a Grevillea but it seems to be quite an unusual one from what I can see of the leaves. The Grevillea is one of the most hybridised of all the Australian natives so whether this is a true native I can’t be sure. Can you send me a picture of the leaf structure and I might be able to find out more about it.

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