Mt Buffalo, again

The previous post featured our recent visit to Mt Buffalo, and I realised after I had posted it that there were other interesting things that I didn’t include in that post that were just as interesting as those I included, so here is another post of interesting things we encountered while at Mt Buffalo.

Mt Buffalo is a very rocky place – the rocks are obvious pretty much everywhere. On the way back from The Horn, heading towards Lake Catani, I noticed this rock feature perched atop one of the ridges…

Easter Island Statue Lookalike

It reminded me a lot of pictures I had seen of the stone statues on Easter Island. Although it seems to have a slight ‘primate’ look about it. Closer to Lake Catani, I noticed this rock feature…

Jelly Bean Rock or TheMonolith

When describing the shape of this, the phrase ‘jelly bean’ immediately came to mind. And I would have referred to it as Jelly Bean Rock. But then I noticed when I zoomed in to the photo, that there was a sign nearby, and a fence. it doesn’t show in the above photo as I cropped it, but in the original it is definitely there. I looked at the map of the walks in the Park that I had and I now think this rock is called The Monolith. It looks like it is about to slide away down the hill. What is stopping it? I didn’t do the walk to the Monolith to find out. Maybe another day.

On the Lake Catani walk there is a picnic area which once used to be a sawmill. Called Grossmans Mill, after the owner, all that seems to be left of the mill today is some concrete foundations. I can’t imagine it would have been easy transporting the logs to the mill from elsewhere on the plateau, or transporting the cut timber down to Porepunkah and beyond. Although it seems a local source of wood for the building of the Chalet would have been beneficial.

Grossmans Mill Information Signage

Grossmans Mill Information Signage

Grossmans Mill Site today

Grossmans Mill Site today

While on the subject of the Chalet, when we were on the Haunted Gorge walk near the Chalet we went past a very sorry looking set of tennis courts. At least I think that is what they once were. Trees now grow where tennis players once roamed. The fence is falling down, the concrete is cracked. Just goes to show that nature really will reclaim what we once tried to tame.

Mt Buffalo Chalet - Old Tennis Courts

Mt Buffalo Chalet – Old Tennis Courts (I think)

At the Gorge car park near the Chalet, Zoe spotted a Red Wattle Bird. It’s doesn’t look very red, but that’s apparently because it is a Juvenile.

Juvenile Red Wattle Bird, Gorge car park

Juvenile Red Wattle Bird, Gorge car park

I think that’s about it for interesting things that I managed to get photos of the other day.

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