The Rock, revisited

Last year we visited a place called The Rock, and the mountain by the same name. On that occasion I attempted to reach the top of the mountain, but turned back about 500 metres from the top.

Last Sabbath the church we attend was closed due to another function being held in it, and so we decided to have a family picnic at The Rock Reserve, and we went on the same hike. Zoe, Jesse, Sarah (a friend of Zoe’s) and I decided we would try to reach the summit. And we did. So following are some photos of the part of of the hike that I didn’t do last year.

Mountain range from the walking track

Interesting rock formation

Walking track

Above: The Summit

The views from the top were great too – we could see in all directions. Here are some photos of the views.

DSCF5286_500DSCF5281_500DSCF5284_500DSCF5283_500After a bit of break at the top, in which the discussions revolved mostly around music (and I got confused about two bands called back street boys and pet shop boys – well, they do have similar sounding names, and I had never heard of back street boys before), we headed back down to a late lunch. On the way back I noticed some rock formations I don’t remember seeing the last time I did the hike (they were easily seen from the section I did last year), so this seems like a logical place to put some photos of those here…

DSCF5271_500DSCF5291_500While Bec and Eliana were waiting at the picnic area / car park at the start of the walk, Eliana got bitten on her torso by something. And the area around the bite puffed up and got all red! But inspite of that, it was still a good day. Zoe, who was struggling to reach the summit, even said it was a great day.