The big wet

For the last month or more we have had no rainfall and with the Australian summer heat everything was showing the effects of it – the lawns were turning light brown, the lake just beyond our back yard had more or less dried up, there were a number of fairly impressive dust storms, and the vegetable garden had to be watered every night or the plants would start to wither and die. The water tanks (40,000 litres worth) were getting noticably lower too.

Over the last two days there has been a big wet. Rain, rain, rain…

It started with a few high humidity days, and some fairly impressive cloud formations and colorations.



DSCF4955_500And as a result of two days of fairly solid rain is that the lake is once again back – not full, but there – with some of the bird like that was there before the heat of summer hit. Our water tanks are overflowing, and the driveway is competing with the lake to see who has the most water in them.


Above: The lake


Above: The driveway

And it looks like there is still more rain on the way – very overcast skies, low clouds, drizzle and more rain seem to be the order of the day!